Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rector's Cup 2.9 Tennis Edition Kicks Off in Vianney

With the respite from the past week's stormy weather, the Sports Department at SJVTS launched the Rector's Cup 2.9 Tennis edition on 19 January 2009 at ca. 4:30 pm. The first official games were preceded by a simple opening ceremony during which were present all the hopefuls of this year's tournament. The prospect of owning a new racquet which would launch their tennis career was just too inviting to be ignored. So, even those who never saw a tennis court before or never knew how to spell "racquet" (they thought its "rocket"!) graced the opening ceremony. The ceremonial serve was of course executed by no less than the Rector himself who is, to say the least, a fanatic of this sport. If you keep posted on this blog, you will see who's going or who are going (because there are doubles games, too) to be crowned Mr. Tennis at SJVTS. Thanks and enjoy!

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