Friday, February 27, 2009

SJVTS Academe Day 09

St. John Vianney Theological Seminary held its Academe Day for 2009 today, 27 February, the last day of regular classes for the school year. As usual, the event was colored by a number of events that were aimed at highlighting the academic life of the community. Among the features of this year's culminating event were: the Theological Debate on important issues in the Seminary and in the Church, the Pauline Songwriting and Painting Contests, the Pauline Quiz Bee, and the Propaedeutic English classes presentations. While the schedule was quite hectic and compact, everybody came out satisfied with the results--thanks to the cooperation of everybody but especially to the efforts of the Academic Dean, Fr. Abet Uy, and the Academic liaison office, Mike Casinillo, with his juniors. We are grateful, too, for the presence of our guests, benefactors, and friends. In the end, while the activity marked the culmination of theological studies for this year, it was more than just an academic exercise: it was an integrative and a community-building event. Here are some photos-highlights of the affair.

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