Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Despedida for Fr. Alan Pulgo

He was not among those for whom the BEC Night and Despedida
Party was dedicated. Thus, it was rather a surprise that Fr. Alan
announced that Bishop Ledesma has approved his sabbatical leave
starting SY 2009-2010. A rush or whirlwind despedida for him
was then organized, starting with a simple dinner in the Seminary
highlighted by the goat caldereta and papaitan at the expense of
the newly-bought breeder goat, hehe! The simple meal, however,
turned into a more elegant one with Bishop Yet Cabajog inviting the
group for coffee at Candy's downtown. And the rest is (Church) History!
We thank Fr. Alan for his long years of service to the Seminary; but
of course positive that he will come back with an even greater smile
than what shows in the photo. The lingering question, however, was:
to whom or with whom will he leave or bequeathe his Ford Escape?
Most opinions (though unsolicited) say, to the Rector! WHY NOT?!
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