Thursday, July 30, 2009


An exciting and much-awaited ingredient in the integral formation of seminarians at Vianney
is the famous Iron Chef Viannista, now on its 3rd Season. Conceived and hosted by Fr. Rector,
the cookfest provides an opportunity for community building and developing creativity, not to
mention improving skills of future priests not just on the pulpit but in the kitchen! The "secret
ingredients" this year included tilapia (main dish), ampalaya (vegetable dish) and either onion,
tomato or garlic for the soup dish. Ingredients which pose a real challenge to the budding and
veteran cooks among the seminarians. This year's overall champion is the House of Galilee or
the Galileeans (Spir-Hum-Past Formation Year), followed by Lorenzo (Bldg A), Xavier (Bldg B)
and Assisi (Bldg. C). The event indeed proved to be an enjoyable and formative one. Some foto
highlights for you all.
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