Friday, July 23, 2010


A year ago today, 24 July 2009, while we formators had our recollection in Gingoog, we received news of the demise of our beloved Madame Rosales. We in the Seminary remember dearly how she was a real mother to us, ever mindful of our needs especially in difficult times. As much as possible, she would attend our benefactors' masses, always extending any kind of support she could as she listened to our regular litany of woes and cries for help. Perhaps, no one has ever shown a similar concern and to such a degree towards the Seminary. She may not be anymore with us but she is always present especially through her family who is equally concerned with the Seminary. Madam lived her life to the full: may we be inspired to imitate her example. And may the Good Lord grant her eternal repose and bliss. We love you, Madame!

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