Monday, November 30, 2009

Rector's Cup 2009 - Awards Night

Today, the 30th of November, saw the conclusion of the Rector's Cup 2009 with the anticipated celebration of Rector's Day (supposedly on 03 December). The morning began with the exhibition game of the formators in lawn tennis with the Rector as one of the players. Then the championship game in lawn tennis followed. Then followed the championship game in Volleyball played between the Kalis Batch (T1) and the Bahandi Batch (T2). The first year theols emerged as champion in volleyball and overall champion in this edition of the Rector's Cup. In the afternoon, two hotly-contested games were played between the host viannistas and the neighboring San Jose seminarians. The hosts proved the more experienced team and swept both games. At 6:00 pm, the Rector led the community in the Holy Eucharist with the blessing of the Advent wreath. Dinner followed at the covered walk with some guests and benefactors present. A heartwarming program and awards ceremony followed. Being the Rector's last year, the celebration was tinted with a little air of goodbye and melancholy. Nonetheless, joy and jubilation was the predominant atmosphere.

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