Friday, November 13, 2009

Rector's Cup 2009

It's time to rumble again! It seems it was only yesterday that the seminarians competed in the Intramurals; now it's Rector's Cup na naman. Being Friday the 13th and the opening show of the Apocalyptic film "2012," this occasion was indeed with a totally different spirit. Starting with a parade from the Admin bldg., seminarians then proceeded to the covered court for the Opening Salvo! The Rector was greeted by a "Santracruzan" inspired "gate" thanks to his recent exhortation to creativity and imagination. The Opening Programme also proved very entertaining and spirited: with the yells, inspired emcees (Budz and Ardin), etc. To open the competition formally, a volleyball game was played between the T1 Kalis Batch and the T2 Bahandi Batch.

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Solo Dios Basta! said...


i miss the seminary na..

musta mo pads...?

reborn08 said...

Hi, 'lain! How's life in the exotic island? Thanks for following this blog. We miss u too! Life goes on here... Regards!