Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rector's New Year Message

Dear Seminarians, Alumni, Benefactors and Friends of SJVTS,

As we start another year, the Year of the Metal Tiger, I wish each one of us a good start, good health and other blessings, especially spiritual blessings. Perhaps, if there is anything that we can emulate from the tiger, it may be its determination, speed and strength. I donno if you find such qualities to be valuable but at least the positive dimensions of them. Everyone seems to be positive about 2010, perhaps having survived 2009 with all the floods and typhoons, AH1N1, and the Maguindanao massacre and perhaps also personal "disasters", in whatever form! Besides, 2009 will be remembered as the year when the Alma Mater lost two of her two sons, very young ones at that: Rev. Fr. Leonilo Bendoy (Tandag) and more recently, Rev. Fr. Nilo Aguiman (CDO). Let us continue to remember them fondly in our prayers and masses. On a more positive tone, as we already know, 2010 marks the SILVER JUBILEE of this great Seminary, and plans are underway for the "hard" opening which, as it looks now, may be postponed from its original date of January 13. Schedule is just too tight and things still have to be planned for a more meaningful opening. Just keept posted for the final schedule. Again, Happy New Year and more power, grrrr!

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