Saturday, February 20, 2010


On 12 February 2010, Rev. Julius Cesar Anas was raised to the order of the Presbyterate in Tagum City. Fr. Rector, Fr. Joey Rapadas, Ate V., and Regan attended the affair. A number of alumni, mostly his classmates, were also present. Five other deacons were ordained with him including one Comboni missionary. Dinner reception was held at the pastoral center in his home parish in Carmen, Davao del Norte. Fr. Joey Rapadas remained till the 14th for JC's thanksgiving mass to give the homily on "how tennis changed JC's life"! Joke!

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Fr. Joey R. said...

made me smile a lot... nice choice of pics... naa ko halos... hehe. lingaw ko sa tennis part both pic and description. matter and form. hehe