Sunday, February 21, 2010


To celebrate the whole year's Pastoral Formation Program, the annual Pastoral Day was held today, 21 February. It began with the traditional Misa ng Bayan with Fr. Rector (RRR), presiding it for the last time in Vianney. This was followed by a sharing among groups based on the points presented by Fr. Rector in his homily. Then there was agape at lunch, followed by a funfilled program ending with the SJVTS Community offering a song to the apostolate companions with candle giving at the end. Then there was the traditional Open House during which the visitors were received in the buildings and were served snacks that the seminarians prepared. The theme for this year's celebration is: "Beinte Singko ka Tuig nga Nag-alagad; sa Duha ka Kasingkasing Nagpasalamat; Usa ka Parianong Banay Nagkahigugmaay".

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James Wendele Plaza Puracan said...

nindota and theme karon nga pastoral day.. hehehehe... pero wala ko kasabot kaayo.. heheh... nice pix father Pops..