Saturday, June 5, 2010

Corpus Christi Sunday, 06 June

Congratulations, dear brother seminarians, on your ending your retreat! And a BLESSED CORPUS CHRISTI SUNDAY!
The feast of the Lord's Body and Blood reminds us of Jesus' act of giving us- not merely of some thing - but of his whole being. Things he possessed not but paradoxically he gave much more than all the things in the world combined! When one gives some thing, he or she gives something outside or apart from himself; when one gives his or her life, his or her very self, he or she gives something essential and life-giving. Jesus' body and blood is our food and nourishment: we cannot live without it. Since we cannot possibly imitate Jesus' act of giving his very own body and blood, how can we approximate his example? No other than to give of ourselves totally to others in love and service. This is what we find most mothers do to their children and husbands; this is what a dedicated teacher does; this is what a good priest does; this is what a serious seminarian does. There is dying when we give ourselves totally; but it makes possible life for others. May the feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord lead us to always give of ourselves totally so that in imitation of Jesus, we may give others a fuller life (Cf. Jn. 10,10b). Amen.


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Here is an interesting entry on Corpus Christi, its history and spiritual meaning offering a broad perspective on various traditions and forms of piety. Certainly worth checking out: