Monday, June 21, 2010

A Surprise Visitor - A Viannista in Rome!

Who says that one can only aspire for "Rome no. 5" or "Rom(e)blon" and not Rome itself? Well, one of my former companions in the House of Angels (a.k.a. Bldg. D) and our former contestant to the once famous Doble Kara competition, found us in the Eternal City: Fr. Ruben de los Reyes! Since he was free this afternoon, I fetched him at the Vatican area and brought him to some places downtown which he did not see yet, like the Church of the Gesu, the Rooms of St. Ignatius, the Church of St. Ignatius, the Pantheon, Collegio di S. Roberto Bellarmino, the Gregorian and, of course, the Biblicum! After the "ikot" I brought him up the terrazza of the Biblicum where one can see the Gregorian face to face! So, Fr. Cacards, then, Fr. Ruben! So, there's hope for everyone, esp. from the House of Angels (which is under renovation, hehe)!

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