Sunday, November 30, 2008


The season of Advent begins the liturgical year. Its liturgical color, purple or violet, calls us to its penitential mood or intent; for it is a season inviting us to look deeply into our hearts--to repent of our sins, to reform our lives as befits one who is awaiting the return of his Master. Yet, Advent is also a season of joy or joyful expectation (as the pink color of one of the candles, lit on 3rd Sunday, indicates) and this mood or spirit is verbalized in the third Sunday theme which is "Gaudete!"--a command to rejoice for the Lord is coming to save His people, to save us. As the cold morning air beckons the advent of December, may our hearts burn with joyful expectation even as we never lose sight of our need to constantly prepare the way of the Lord in our lives. A Blessed Season of Advent to all!

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