Sunday, November 30, 2008

SJVTS Family Day 2008

Now on its second year, the SJVTS Family Day was held on 29-30 November 2008. Families and relatives of seminarians came from as far as Bohol and Cotabato and as near as 5 minutes away from the Seminary. The families were welcomed at the Blessing of the Advent Wreath and First Vespers for the First Sunday of Advent. This was then followed by Dinner at the central covered walk. Then at 8 pm, a special showing of the Monologue "Misteryo" was presented at the Main Chapel. Finally, for the day, at least, programs at every subcommunity followed; some went well beyond midnight. The following day, everybody came for breakfast which was followed by the main event, the Advent Recollection, given by Fr. Alan Pulgo. After his points and some moments of reflection, sharing by small groups followed while snacks were served. At ca. 11:15 Mass followed with Fr. Rector (Fr. Pops Repole) presiding. After the mass, a sumptuous lunch (with 3 lechons!)and program followed at the covered court. During the program, the seminarians introduced their guest-families and presented a number. Finally, Fr. Rector gave out some tokens to lucky holders of winnin numbers; but everyone received the famous Vianney calendar. Everyone went home (we believe) happy to have been part of the whole affair.

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