Sunday, November 9, 2008


Welcome to this section on PAUL! I greet my students especially in T2 who are taking this course now but are still "on vacation" since I am still away. How are all of you? Hope the sembreak brought you more energy and inspiration.

Last sem, you journeyed with me on the Corpus Ioanneum; this sem, our journey will be on the writings of Paul or the Corpus Paulinum.

This matter is not something new to you, especially that I have already given two conferences on PAUL at the last two theological fora that we had. Also, you have heard a lot about the Apostle from the liturgical readings taken from his letters.

The Apostle Paul has played a lot in the crystallization of Christian Theology. While he was not a speculative theologian he has contributed a lot to theology by his theological reflections on questions which concern both Faith and Morals. Unfortunately, though, some of his teachings have also become points of division between Catholics and Protestants.

I hope this part of the blog will facilitate our exchanges and enrich your understandin of the great Apostle to the Gentiles.

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