Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blessing of Jubilee Car

At last, after persistent prodding, the Seminary has been permitted to procure
a new vehicle--a Nissan Escapade van. Given the now precarious states of the
Seminary cars (9-24 yrs olds!), it was necessary to acquire a new one. The Red
car and the white tamaraw are now offered for sale, at very very low prices... hapit
na lang gani ipanghatag! So, bid now... at least for collector's items! Besides, the red
car has such a sturdy body it can withstand for another 25 years... perhaps even more!
Well, the Seminary, in its 25 years, deserves a good car. Fr. Frank Savadera, S.J.,
the newest member of the faculty had the honors to bless it.

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James said...

wow!!! gravity!!hehehe...hello Fr. Pops, pasakya sa inyo bag-ong sakyanan.. heheh...