Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Month of KALIS BATCH, Bday of RJ Mira, Fr. Pops' Vocation Anniversary

Just feeling so grateful for having completed one month in the Seminary, the T1 or Kalis Batch decided to celebrate at Coffee Break Time. Today is also the bday of Raymond James "Yap" Mira (Tagum) and Fr. Pops' Vocation Anniversary. The ever in-demand Halang-Halang (it was tooooooo halang wa mahurot ang sabaw for the first time!), lamaw nga butong, saging sab-a with ginamos, tempura, and punch made the night memorable. Well, there was the usual Bingo, too, with nice prices at stake, bisan ug ginagmay lang... Vianney has a lot of joys, they don't know... Mao nang mahal!

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