Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fr. Pops' Silver Anniversary as a Jesuit (1984-2009)

While, formally speaking, silver anniversaries are not celebrated by Jesuits, still, the mere thought of having reached 25 years in Jesuit life was just too inviting to be ignored, at least by the concerned! So, a little salu-salo was held in our building at SJVTS on 30 May 2009. Simple ra gud: barbecue, junkfood (hehe!), some drinks and a lot of singing and dancing. Ah, duna sab diay foto travelogue of the celebrant... imagine, from practically his birth to his escapades in Europe and to the present. Plus, a little spraying of giveaways (not giveawaste!) courtesy of the "new kid in town" Fr. Frank Savadera. Nalingaw sab gamay ang mga igsoong first year... Daghan nag-ilog sa mga payong nga pink ug green! Masculine colors man gud kuno ni! Everything gyod diay is relative: the more money, the more relatives! Some highlights of that evening that lasted till, uhhmmm... 1 in the morning... Wa pa man poy klase so ok ra extend gamay...

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