Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Faculty Rest, Recreation, Recollection, C Philipps, Bukidnon

It's Faculty 3 R's again! This time the venue was Camp Philipps, Bukidnon with his "eminence" Dhems Berondo as host. The first stop was at Manolo, F for snacks, hosted by Fr. JunKent. The next was at the DelMonte bowledrome where two teams of formators competed. Everybody enjoyed especially with the 1-1 result in the competition; no need for a tie-breaker so that everyone was happy. Supper and videoke followed at the Holy Cross AVR, thanks to the sisters' hospitality. The ff. day was recollection day facilitated by Fr. JunKent. The topic was a surprise: "Liturgy and Life"! Using the articles of the present Pope, the group reflected and shared on the interesting articles. We can't wait for the next recollection especially wondering how many pages the readings would be! Thanks, Fr. Kent!

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