Monday, December 14, 2009


It was a 3-in-1 affair, an affair to remember... the SJVTS Christmas-Family Day-Celibacy Ceremony celebration which began on December 12 and ended on December 14. To prepare for their promise of celibacy, the T4 had a two-day celibacy seminar with Fr. Manol and Ate Venus facilitating. Then, the parents came on the 13th for the 3rd Family Day. A warm welcome was given in each sub-community for the respective parents of the occupants. Then, on the 14th everybody had a half day recollection centering on the theme of Christmas, Priesthood, and the Family with Fr. Abet as the points giver. This was followed by prayer and reflection and sharing by BEC. In the afternoon, the traditional POSADAS or Panunuluyan became the first part of the Eucharistic Celebration anticipating Christmas. After the homily given by Fr. Joey Rapadas, the moving Ring Ceremony followed after which the rest of the celebration proceeded. The evening was capped with a dinner and program and gift giving. We hope the parents and everyone else can bring or share the message to their own families and hopefully celebrate a more meaningful Christmas and New Year.

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