Thursday, May 27, 2010


This afternoon, I was moved to visit the Church of Sta. Pudenziana where the Filipino Chaplaincy is. On Thursday afternoons, Pinoys are usually on half-day off (no school on Thursdays but there is on Saturdays), and many of them usually gather at the Chaplaincy center. Very few people this time but there was a mass for the sick, it seemed. From there, went up to the Basilica of St. Mary Major which is just about 50 mts. away. Also went to visit the Center of the Redemptorists where the famous icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help is. Again, there used to be a good number of Filipinos there on Thursday afternoons, but, aside from those who went to mass, none seemed to be in the usual meeting room. Perhaps, it is like the Ardent Spring of Camiguin: as we used to comment: "Di na gyod pareha sa una!"

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