Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome Back, Dear Seminarians!

It feels odd for me to be somewhere else at the beginning of the school year. But I have to get used to it now. But I cannot help remembering you as you begin another year of human, spiritual, pastoral and intellectual formation. Welcome back! I hope you have gathered enough rest and energy to face another year. I am now somewhere else - in Rome - for an 8-month sabbatical. During the first days, I felt a little disoriented although many things remained the same, especially the routes of the buses. But I was so surprised not to have remembered how to get to our laundry room! I even forgot how to operate the electric flatiron! Karon hinoon, expert na sab! It's final exam days here and soon this place will be empty till October. I still donno where to go for some excursion. Rome is very hot in August but I might be staying here; after all, the Philippines is not the coolest place there is! Please visit this blog often if u wanna know where I am. I miss halang2! Ciao ragazzi! (Bye boys!)

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