Saturday, May 22, 2010


Due to insistent public demand, we are not closing this blog after all! So, take away back the tears, hehe. No... Fr. Frank advised us to simply let this blog be even if it will simply evolve into our personal blog. Maybe he is right; after all, once a Viannista, always a Viannista, right? Ok, so in this "resurrected" version, let me greet all of you in Italian: BENVENUTI o BEN TORNATI! Welcome back! I am writing this now in Rome, a day after I arrived. Owww, what a trip that was, from Manila to Bangkok to Rome! Our flight from Bangkok to Rome was cancelled or rescheduled 7 hours later and we had a difficult time at the airport with not enough information or system we were provided. Any how, we should thank God everything went well and we arrived safely at about 1,30 pm local time. This morning, I got a chance to go out and buy some toiletries. Along the way, I took some pictures of Rome to greet all of you. I also passed by the "Gesu", our mother church and I prayed for all of you my friends and relatives. But to my surprise, I no longer saw the "golden" statue of St. Ignatius at his tomb. I will still find out where it is. My first impression of Rome after 8 years of absence is: it seems cleaner and more beautiful! But many things remain the same... so is my former community at the Biblicum! Hope you will accompany me in this sabbatical journey. CIAO!

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